Innovator's Weldless Connection Solutions Using Quickflange

Replace your flanges and drive cost efficiency while improving safety by using a weldless connection technology that eliminates hot work and reduces installation time by up to 80%.

The value here is that it easily joins piping and tubing together without the hot work obstacles of traditional welding.

Suitable for both low and high pressure applications, this work can be completed very fast in comparison to welding.

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  • The typical applications including quick flange replacement and working in restricted areas
  • Technical features like the simple design that ships easily
  • Benefits such as improved safety and reduced costs because of the simple installation process

This tech is saving clients 80% or more in costs. Fill out the form to learn more.

A Few Benefits to Using Quickflange

No Skilled Labour

Special skilled labour is not required, versus having to use a qualified welder.

No Hot Work

No need for hot work permits, meaning no need for the fire watch personnel.

No Leaks

No leaks as a result of stress fatigue cracks as can be seen in traditional welds.

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