Innovator's Leak Repair Solutions

On-Stream Leak Repairs & Enclosures

Leaks are an ongoing and endless concern for operating plants. Get yours repaired with the Pay Once Promise guarantee, ensuring that if you’re leak repair doesn’t hold, the fix is free.

Examples of leaks consist of:

  • Gasket Leaks
  • Valve Packing Failures
  • Heat Exchangers Loosing Seal Integrity During Operations Cycling
  • Elbows and other Piping Components Washing Out During Normal Plant Operations

We provide our clients a full array of leak repair services including packing injections, valve seat injection isolations, flange and heat exchanger leak sealing, and leak containment enclosures for any pressurized component.

With our in-house engineering services for custom designs and a variety of off-the-shelf leak repair enclosures, the safety of your plant is guaranteed.

We also keep tons of different enclosures stocked and ready to be dispatched to you at a moments notice. Get in touch today to get started.


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