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During plant operations, unit expansions or new construction tie-ins, entry into live piping systems is required.

These live tie-ins are achieved through the use of specialized pressure-contained drills known as hot taps.

This process requires the fabrication of split tee or nozzle fittings, its fit up and on-line welding installation, and the drilling into the live line to tie-in new piping.

The supply of hot tap services has traditionally been fragmented. Clients procure fittings, select an installation and welding contractor, and then contract a hot tap drilling company to complete the tie-in.

Innovator is a turnkey solution.

We can design and fabricate hot tap fittings, provide field installation and welding, and perform the hot tap tie-in.

Alternatively, we can simply provide you with professionally-trained technicians to conduct final tapping operations.

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