Innovator's Freeze Plug Solutions

Save Tons of Time With a Hot Work Isolation Alternative

Many times throughout the operating cycle at your facility, block valves and other piping components need to be replaced or repaired while the remainder of the unit continues to operate.

There never seems to be adequate valve isolations available to achieve this.

A good way to provide the needed isolation is with the use of cryogenic line freeze plugs.

The use of freeze plug isolations can provide a temporary block to any line allowing for an uninterrupted service repair.

Innovator provides both nitrogen and CO2 freeze services to our clients as another means to support their online isolation and repair requirements.

We use double-walled freeze jackets that completely contain the liquid nitrogen.

We can also provide coiled freeze control systems that allow for a controlled freeze plug over a weld or elbow that cannot be conducted with standard freeze jacket systems.

A Few Benefits to Using Freeze Plugs

No Hot Work

Save up to 3 days or more by avoiding hot tapping along with the safety and cost issues too.

No Leaks

The liquid inside expands while the pipe contracts giving you a perfect isolation.

High Pressure

On-Site and shop testing over the years has proven they are effective up to 5000 psi.

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