Innovator's Forge Bonding Solutions

Perform Welding-Like Repairs Without Hot Work. Safer & More Effectively.

Forge Bonding is a metal-joining process that produces high quality joints with super fast rotation.

It uses high pressures to combine the two metals, and the resulting bond is stronger than either of the two metals before being bonded.

No sparks, no high temperatures, and no hot work.

This means you can make repairs to your tanks without shutting them down. As a result, you can make repairs outside of your scheduled turnaround and not lose an ounce of production.

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- How you can make repairs to above ground storage tanks while they’re in-service, eliminating time consuming shut down tasks like cleaning and degassing.

- How you can make repairs to the safety equipment in your facility outside of your turnaround, ensuring you don’t have to push off safety repairs that could compromise workers.

- How the minimal thermal energy required is well under the hot-work threshold, and how Forge Bonds are performed by a machine, generating very consistent results.

A Few Benefits to Using Forge Bonding

•No Ignition Sources

•Creates a Permanent Bond

•No Emissions

•100% Portable

•Fully Pneumatic

•Automatically Performed

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