Innovator's Composite Repair Solutions Using Technowrap

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This pipe repair technology is comprised of wraps of composite material, a high-strength filler, and an adhesive.

The wraps of the repair are bonded together and then to the pipe service to quickly restore serviceability.

A repair often takes as little as a few hours, and can repair piping with diameters from 4 inches all the way up to 56 inches.

The range of items we can repair using this system includes elbows, welds, nozzles, reducers, pinhole leaks and flange leaks.

Also, you can have your repairs made without any hot work performed in the way of cutting or welding. You can eliminate all the time consuming and costly processes associated with performing hot work at your site.


A Few Benefits to Using Technowrap

No Hot Work

Never any need for costly and time consuming hot work practices with composite repair.

Wide-Range of Applications

High temp, low temp, pipes, leaks, welds, elbows, nozzles, and more can be repaired.

No Unnecesary Downtime

Eliminate all the time and cost typically dedicated to cutting and welding and get back online faster.

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