About Innovator

Innovator has been serving Canada's proud oil and gas and industrial industries for over a decade now and in that time we have never stopped doing exactly what our name says, Innovating. In the hearts of everyone in our Innovator family we have a shared passion for innovation, whether that's in safety, processes, technology, how we best serve our beloved clients. Whether it's with safety where we're now running 10 years strong with a TRIR of 0.0, or technology where we're consistently rolling out new hot work reducing solutions to both increase safety at your facility along with providing you more cost-effective options. No matter the challenges you may be facing, Innovator will always be here to help.Get in touch to discover The Innovator Advantage today and start the journey to having a trusted partner in building a leak free workplace.

We provide a wide variety of leak repair solutions which can include.. Composite Repair, Hydro Testing & Isolations, Freeze Plugs, Inspections, Weldless Connections, Hot Taps & Line Stops, Technical Bolting, Add-On Gate Valve, Forge Bonding, Heat Treatment, Rentals, and Leak Repair.

We’ve conquered a few challenges in our time, and enjoy taking on new ones. We’re here to help you solve your problems, no matter what they are.

On top of having a focus on saving you money using cross trained crews, we have a fully transparent safety and productivity system so you always know what’s going on with your project.

The answer is never no. It’s yes, then we find a way.