A 15-Minute Weldless Connection Flange

Install a flange in 15 minutes without sparks or heat so that you can minimize impact on production and save money by requiring less skilled labor with Quickflange.

Quickflange is a weldless connection technology that uses a modified flange with tools that don't need a hot work permit. It's easy to install, improves workplace safety, and has a ton of useful applications.

A modified standard flange is combined with a hydraulic tool and patented internal groove pattern to machine in such a way that it slides over the pipe and is activated with a cold forging tool.

This technology was developed to support construction and maintenance by eliminating hot work logistics and to get flanges replaced with virtually uninterrupted service.

The connections may not require hot work, but they are equally as strong as a welded connection. They will last and even though the installation isn’t accomplished with a welder, you’re going to get the same quality you’d expect from a typical hot work installation.

A wide range of pipe diameters are available for its use, making it not only cost and time efficient, but flexible to suit your needs as well.

Cost Efficiency

Weldless connection technology is seeing more value today than before, as ways are sought out to improve workplace safety and increase cost efficiency.

Having to shutdown a process costs a lot of money, and you can never get it back online fast enough.

With Quickflange, you’ll avoid this scenario altogether and have yourself a brand new flange fully installed in as little as 15 minutes.

What’s even better is that because it is a modified version of a standard flange that is self contained, it can be shipped and delivered to you in hours, bringing even more time savings to your facility.

This type of easy-to-install, no-welding-required technology is exactly what we look for in terms of improving workplace efficiency and workplace safety.

With a Quickflange connection, full pipe integrity remains and you have a metal to metal seal with redundancy ensuring a solid connection.

Save around 80% of time spent using Quickflange versus traditional welding methods.

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