Core Value #5 – We Own It

By having complete accountability over the results you generate, you develop a sense of pride that comes with getting the job done, especially when you are able to overcome all potential obstacles that stand in your way.

At Innovator, we are not waiting to constantly be reminded about what we need to get done in our roles. We understand it, we own it, and we are delivering on the things that our role demands of us because we personally embrace the outcomes.

If we are struggling in our role, we are seeking out and being proactive to get the help to accomplish our goals well in advance before things are due.

This might mean putting in the extra time or the extra effort to push past barriers to get around obstacles. We do our part to get to the finish line and deliver for our team. We make ourselves seen by our team as dependable and reliable.

No excuses

Getting It Done

Owning our work and being accountable has no place for any excuses or defensiveness when we are called into account for getting our work done.

We don’t come to due dates with a ton of excuses and try to push back.

We accept our assignments and then we take the ball and we are playing the field. This means we don’t drop the ball and let our team down.

Owning it is about not making excuses. It’s about demonstrating that we own our jobs and that we do not resist questions from our team when they are seeking clarity to make sure we’re on track.

Lastly, it is about being empowered to generate the results expected, while knowing that help is always available along the way. Owning it drives confidence due to the sense of accomplishment that comes with 100% owning your work.

“We Own It” is the 5th and final of the core values at Innovator. It exists to keep the team from dropping the ball and to keep the team empowered.

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