Core Value #3 – Find A Way

“Find A Way” is about solving client and company challenges by being creative and embracing innovation in everything we do.

It’s about relentlessly moving forward by not shying away, but asking how, then finding a way.

“Find A Way” is not always about being the creator. It’s about being creative and innovating new solutions to solve problems.

It’s about looking at a problem or looking at a customer challenge, and deciding we’re going to find a way to figure this out. We’re going to fix this. We’re going to come up with options.

And so the best way to solve the challenge manifests itself.

The best way we can see that an employee has a “Find A Way” attitude is that when they bring an issue or a problem to the table, they are also bringing ideas on how we can be solved.

We are not problem presenters, we are problem solvers.

Everyday we embrace challenges even when they seem impossible. We do not start with the 10 ways we can’t do it. We start with understanding the problem and then seeking out 2 or 3 solutions.

Then we work to refine those solutions, or develop a better one by innovating on what was found.

This mindset solves any challenge any person or company comes across.

Forgiveness, Not Permission

Procrastination does not live at Innovator. When the company introduces new innovations, we embrace it and we don’t push back trying to resist it.

When clients bring challenges to us, we immediately accept the challenge and do our best to find how not to tell them the 10 ways that it can’t happen. We find a way.

When we have problems in our role or in the tasks we are assigned, we don’t go to our supervisors and managers and say “tell me what to do” or “give me permission before we act”.

We present the problem and we present 2 or 3 possible solutions that can be discussed so that as a group we can push forward to solve it.

Finding a way is about being problem solvers – each and everyone of us.

It is about giving our best effort to every challenge so that we know we did our best to help solve a client problem, even if an immediate solution can’t be found.

“Find A Way” is a “Can Do, Will Do Attitude”

Not everyone is the inventor or the creator, but we do all embrace this value. For ourselves and for our customers.

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