The Value Of Commitment

What’s the difference between consensus and commitment?

Many people confuse a need to agree with an ability to commit and deliver.

Often those who fail – know exactly what they are supposed to do but disagree, so they fail to commit and ultimately fail.

Most companies who struggle do so because they or people in them fail to deliver on tasks because they disagree with the decision.

But here’s the thing – never in the history of mankind has everyone agreed, but still great organizations and countries accomplish great things.

People confuse an internal need to agree or for a group to form a consensus, with making and keeping a commitment.

All that is needed to get things done is making and keeping commitments – even if you disagree.

It’s only takes a company board 51% to carry a vote on the direction of a company. In Western Democracy it’s takes even less to 51% of the seats to form a majority government.

For you to get things done – you don’t need to agree – you need to commit.

For commitments to work all that’s needed is clarity – don’t play dumb – get clarity on how the commitment applies to you always.

Allow those at each level to ask questions – be heard in that context (speak up), clarify it, get alignment on everyone’s deliverables, then commit – even if you oppose.

You can disagree – commit and still deliver.

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