Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

There’s an old saying, “What got you here won’t keep you here.”

The same is true for whatever got you to today, is not what will get you to tomorrow – the next level.

Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach says, “Whatever got you out of Egypt won’t get you to the promised land.”

You may have started at your company 5 years ago and brought something to the table that first year.

Maybe you brought a skill, a new client or a capability. We all did that!

But being nostalgic about how you started is self defeating. Are the needs of your role, your team or your office the same as the first year you started? Of course they are not.

Life and Business are always changing and always demanding. We must adapt, change and grow just to tread water and stay in one place.

Staying the same means being carried away with the current – staying the same means your own personal value declines.

Staying the same might give you some level of internal comfort or even justification internally. It might sound like this in your head “That’s what you hired me for” or “I’m not doing that, it’s not my job” or “That’s someone else’s job”.

Externally, the stress and discomfort is likely growing because there is a disconnect between your internal comfort and the real demands of the business.

The Discomfort Zone

Letting the current carry you or just treading water are not enough. To get ahead and be seen as adding value you must grow faster than the change being asked if you. You can’t just speed up your level of change you must actually accelerate it more than being asked of you.

You must 10x your personal growth, you must be in a discomfort zone to grow.

What are the two signs that you are aligned with your business needs and demands?

1. You are not internally justifying your adverse mindset to the changes/actions asked of you.

2. You are uncomfortable but feel you are growing and faster than being asked.

Are you aligned and uncomfortable? Good. That means you’re growing.

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