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Innovation is at the heart of everything that we do and the benefits of our efforts result in the safest, most cost-effective, and highly optimized technologies and processes which directly (and positively) impact you and your business every time you work with us. Innovator is here to be your partner in building a leak free workplace, we have been for over ten years and we will continue to be every time you have a leak or any industrial issues that you need solved swiftly and effectively. Click below to get in touch.

•Composite Repair    •Leak Repair    •Hydro Testing    •Freeze Plugs    •Rentals    •Technical Bolting    •Inspections

•Weldless Connections    •Add-On Gate Valve    •Field Machining

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Eliminate Found Work Delays And Save 40% In Labor Costs

Discover a turnaround process that guides your thinking to plan for every detail on your next turnaround.

You'll learn how to minimize and optimize required crew, be prepared for all found work, and see the project completed on time and on budget. All the while, using a safety system that virtually guarantees zero injuries.


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Learn with the world's industry leaders about new technology and processes that are transforming the way work is being done. These developments drive cost efficiency, time savings, and improved workplace safety.

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